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I want to touch on investing in Bozeman. Real Estate inventory for 2019 has continued to be lower than expected and prices have increased as you are probably well aware of. However, this results in more renters staying put where they are as buying their first home could be unachievable or more difficult.  While this is an unfortunate outcome of higher priced homes, let's dive into the how's and why's investing in Bozeman. I've created some questions to structure the conversation. 


1. Investing in the market is like investing in the stock market but can have greater returns in the long haul. 
2. If your cash is sitting in a checking account, it's collecting an insanely low interest rate per year. 
3. There are more…

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With Bozeman housing prices increasing every year, is it still feasible to find a profitable rental property here in Bozeman? 

The short answer is YES. The rental market demand is STRONG and there are simply not enough rentals with the number of students and additional residents moving to Bozeman every year.  


"In Bozeman, the most recent American Community Survey figures estimate that 56% of households are renters and 44% are owners." In looking back since 2000, the number of renters vs. owner households has maintained the same high ratios (55-57% of households). The distribution of the renter households vs. owner households has not significantly changed in the last 16 years. 


  • Right now (in 2019), we…

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Here are my tips investing in Bozeman! 

1. Do Your Research 
Personally, I like units that have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms configurations. This home size will yield a better home for a family or multiple renters to occupy your unit long term and not grow out of the rental property quickly. 

2. Secure a solid downpayment 
Estimated 20-25% downpayment as the minimum down to secure a loan. (If you have not spoken to a lender, I highly recommend doing so. I can recommend some great local lenders I know provide excellent service.)

3. Choose a low-cost home as your first investment property 
Obviously, the lower the purchase price of the home, the higher your profit margins. Each year, you'll want to ensure you have a reserve account to handle repairs…

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