How far can you negotiate with sellers?

As we have seen, interest rates have increased this summer. Just a few months ago earlier this 2022 year, it was a seller's market. But now the tables have turned. We are seeing price reductions, sellers offering credits, longer days on market, and a slight dip in where home prices have been.  We were at a peak of our home prices that was unprecedented and unsustainable so a "dip" is what we call just a correction in the market.  Even some sellers are willing to go above and beyond to help buy down a buyer's interest rate in order to get their home sold.  With seasons changing and winter approaching in the near future, my recommendation if you are a BUYER to continue your pulse in searching for homes that have…

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I was shocked to see some of these numbers in a recent market update from March 2021 and I wanted to share this with you.  Check out the NEW Median Sales Price this past month, March 2021. We are now at $709,000!!!! This is unreal. In March of 2020, the Median Sales Price for a single family home was just under $500,000. The median sales price has ALMOST DOUBLED! You can see that we are at an incredible LOW supply of inventory at less than 1 month. With a drop of 76% of inventory from last year same time, we are in desperate need of homes to sell.    Even more staggering of numbers are the homes OUTSIDE of City Limits with an increase of 63% in median sales price ($893,000) over the last year for single family homes. Even higher…

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Needless to say, 2020 was wild, chaotic and unpredictable in so many facets of our lives. The Bozeman Real Estate Market took OFF. 

Let's not panic. If you own home in Bozeman, you are sitting on some serious appreciation. If you do not own a home yet, don't worry; it is not too late and you will be able to afford a home. You will just need to be patient with this market, wait for the inventory to come up, and work with a Realtor closely to identify and guide you in this hot market.

Attention Sellers: If you are looking to SELL, well it is an amazing time to consider. First step, ask for a sales valuation (this is free, no commitment). Pretty much every month that goes by, we are seeing major appreciation occur on homes which means you can play…

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Every 5 to 6 years, the U.S. Census Bureau provides data on our city, county, jobs, real estate data. Here are some data points from a City of Bozeman report on Demographic and Real Estate Market Assessment published in 2018. Check out the highlights below! 


City of Bozeman Population 

Population Growth projection for the Gallatin County by 2045 is 159,000 people
2017 - Current Population in Gallatin County is 105,000 people

In the next 28 years, Gallatin County is projected to grow at 2,000+ people per year until 2045.

Out of this growth, about half of the growth is likely to occur in the City of Bozeman. 

Land Demand Projections 
For residential, single family dwellings the density standard will be 3.0 units per every 1 acre. This is an…

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Some interesting takeaways how the Bozeman Real Estate market is doing.
(Note: These numbers are a reflection of homes in city limits only.) 

  • The Median Sales Price for Single Family homes in Bozeman has seen a $75,000 increase September 2018 compared to September 2017.  
  • Year to Date, we are looking at an AVERAGE sales price of $343,000.
  • There has been a 9% increase year to date of sold properties in Bozeman. 
  • Lastly, this statistic is always interesting. Percent of List Price received came in at 99.2% year to date. 

  • There was a 48% increase in pended condos and townhomes 
  • The average sales price was at $353,000 for a condo or townhome, a 21% increase same time last year. 
  • We saw a lot longer days on market the month of…

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