Are you in the home buying market, and looking to buying a home in the near future?  We have provided links to our preferred lenders during the home buying process, market reports, favorite neighborhoods and more. Work with one of your home buying experts to help you purchase your new home in the future.

There's no QUESTION that the market is HOT. With the amount of competitive buyers and high buyer volume coupled with LOW inventory, how do you compete in this market? ........ WELL, it is finding the diamond in the rough.    
There are a lot of MAYBEs and we just don't know until you try. If you are a buyer, what is the harm in exploring your options? What if you can buy a home significantly under list price? 

My belief is, you do not know until you try. If you have been curious about a home but don't want to go down that road because the home is too expensive, maybe at least take the time to see the property in person. You may have judged the property based off the photos and some Agents are not spending money for professional photography…

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What things should you consider when buying land? There's actually quite a few things you should research and understand!

Here's a list to get us started (and this is just the tip of the ice berg):

  • Budget - What is your max budget? 
  • What are land loan requirements?
    {Many land lenders are requiring a minimum of 30% down, you might get lucky with only 25% down required.}
  • Builder - Do you have a builder lined up? Do you know what build costs look like? 
    {Don't be shocked if you have to follow up a few times to get a response.}
  • What are build cost overages should you expect? 
  • Does the lot have an existing well and septic? Have you budgeted for a well and septic?
    {Digging a well can be $10K-$15K or more if the vendor has to dig far…

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If you are paying attention to the market, you will have noticed that this year has been wild in the real estate world. Year after year we have lower inventory from the prior year, but this year has been a complete change. Our inventory has completely dropped so we as Agents have to get CREATIVE. 

Buyers ~ if you are not working with a top Agent and are looking for a home, I strongly suggest getting connected with me. We hear about listings before they hit the market either from sellers we work with or from other Agents we commonly work with. If you are waiting for a home to hit the market, chances are you could be waiting twice as long for it to come up. 

Finding an off market deal is manual work and takes time to scout out opportunities BUT it…

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I love this quote because no one ever feels GOOD about overpaying for a home. 

The reality is that summer time home buying increases your competition and price of homes. Bozeman continues to be a hot market (even during COVID-19). While you don't want to overpay for a home, purchasing a home for its value is the goal. 

Here is how I would attack the buying process to see HOW you can get more BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: 

1. Better negotiation terms
Hypothetically speaking, a property that was listed last fall and continues to be listed through spring / summer time, the seller COULD BE VERY WILLING TO NEGOTIATE down from the list price. If it is a vacant property, the seller could be sitting on two mortgages and wants to move that property sooner than…

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When buying a home, a lender will run your credit score to start the process of getting pre-qualified. What you should KNOW is that your credit score will dictate how much of a loan the lender will give you.

While this might sound scary to you, it is going to give you piece of mind should they find anything you may need to correct or perhaps even something you were unaware of. We HIGHLY recommend getting pre-qualified as many sellers will not even entertain an offer unless your financing is in order. 

If you have a credit score in the 600s, a lender will have a much different value of how much home you can afford vs. if you have a credit score in the 800s. 

1. Payment History
35% depends on bills paid on time. Note: Auto-pay is a total game…

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The hottest season is summertime both weather-wise and our real estate market. I've come up with 10 TIPS how to avoid purchasing an overpriced home.

We know the real estate market and we understand when a home is overpriced by doing our research, running sales comparables, and simply selling a lot of homes in the Gallatin Valley allows us to navigate the channels for you and with you confidently. Working with a Buyer's Agent is FREE for a buyer. 

With assistance of your Buyer's Agent, you can navigate how long the property has been on the market and gather an understanding what type of situation the seller is in. "Are they looking to sell a home? Do they need to occupy the home after closing?…

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What Questions Should You Be Asking? 

Buying a condo in Bozeman or Belgrade can be an affordable way to enter this market. Before you start shopping, there are some key questions to ask yourself, your Buyer's Agent, and your lender to guide you in the process.  



  • Does the HOA allow short term rentals (Airbnb, VRBO) and / or long term rental? (Refer to the covenants, confirmation from Association and/or City of Bozeman Ordinances and what zoning area the unit is in)
  • What are the HOA and Condo Association dues (by month, quarter, year)? 
  • What is included in your HOA/Condo fees? 
  • Do you know who the HOA contact(s) are? Is it a Property Management Company?
  • Does…

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Did you know we have the capability to search for pretty much any type of home? 

Here are some examples:

1. Homes with Apartments on property

2. Homes with fences to keep our fur friends and kiddos safe

3. Homes with main level master suites

4. Homes adjacent to public land or forest service land

5. Homes that have outbuildings i.e. barns, sheds, etc 

If you are interested in receiving homes that meet your criteria, please contact me at 925-785-2596 or


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Historic Bozeman Homes with Character

Downtown Bozeman is the heart of Bozeman offering great restaurants, retail stores, cafes, bars - you name it. Our strong Bozeman economy is largely part to our vibrant, young downtown atmosphere that attracts tourists year-round.
Main Street is the heart of our downtown and runs east to west.  

Downtown properties while charming and unique, will have a higher price tag.  Know that these homes will have their challenges so be ready to spend a little more money and have a sizeable cash fund for maintenance items after you close on a home.  The architecture is something to be enamored with!

Love viewing historic homes that hit the market? You've come to the right spot. *This list will update with new listings that hit…

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Here are my tips investing in Bozeman! 

1. Do Your Research 
Personally, I like units that have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms configurations. This home size will yield a better home for a family or multiple renters to occupy your unit long term and not grow out of the rental property quickly. 

2. Secure a solid downpayment 
Estimated 20-25% downpayment as the minimum down to secure a loan. (If you have not spoken to a lender, I highly recommend doing so. I can recommend some great local lenders I know provide excellent service.)

3. Choose a low-cost home as your first investment property 
Obviously, the lower the purchase price of the home, the higher your profit margins. Each year, you'll want to ensure you have a reserve account to handle repairs…

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