I've created this legend to direct you to most of the Bozeman subdivisions and neighborhoods in Bozeman, Montana. If you are trying to get your bearings on the area on a macro view, here is some information to help guide you.  If you are looking for a home and don't know where to start, email me at Marisa@BuyBozemanHomes.com or call / text (925) 785-2596. I'd love to help you figure out what neighborhood is right for you. 

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(Note: This map does not encompass all of the subdivisions in Bozeman. There are hundreds of neighborhoods/subdivisions in just Bozeman alone.)

Downtown Bozeman 
First we have downtown Bozeman which is off of Main Street and draw approximately a 1/4…

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Did you know we have the capability to search for pretty much any type of home? 

Here are some examples:

1. Homes with Apartments on property

2. Homes with fences to keep our fur friends and kiddos safe

3. Homes with main level master suites

4. Homes adjacent to public land or forest service land

5. Homes that have outbuildings i.e. barns, sheds, etc 

If you are interested in receiving homes that meet your criteria, please contact me at 925-785-2596 or Marisa@BuyBozemanHomes.com.

Website: Marisa.BuyBozemanHomes.com

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Luxury Homes Above $800,000 in Bozeman, Montana

Are you looking for a nicer home here in Bozeman? If you aren't seeing the right home, email me at Marisa@BuyBozemanHomes.com to help get the right home in front of you. Here are some of the luxury subdivisions to read up on:

Manley Meadows
Black Bull Subdivision
Headlands Subdivision
Triple Tree Ranch Subdivision
Westlake Park Subdivision

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Historic Bozeman Homes with Character

Love viewing historic homes that hit the market? You've come to the right spot. *This list will update with new listings that hit the market in downtown Bozeman. Interested seeing one of these Downtown homes in person?

Simply contact Realtor, Marisa Owen at (925) 785-2596 or email me at Marisa@BuyBozemanHomes.com. Happy Home Shopping! 


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Check out this list of BRAND NEW homes being built and/or completed that are on the market.

This list will update with new listings as soon as they hit! If you have any questions or want to see any of these properties in person, contact Realtor, Marisa Owen at (925) 785-2596 or email me at Marisa@BuyBozemanHomes.com. 


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Flanders Mill subdivision is located on the west side of Bozeman. Its location has made it a desirable place to live. The neighborhood is located by the new Bozeman High School, Gallatin High, intertwined with a great trail system. The 100 Acre Park is located in close proximity with access to a few other neighborhood parks adjacent to the subdivision. The community includes ponds and playgrounds perfect for strolling to relax after a long day.  Live right across the street from the Gallatin Regional Park/100 Acre Park Please bookmark this page to see ACTIVE homes for sale in the Flanders Mill subdivision. 

If you have any questions about any of these homes, please contact Realtor, Marisa Owen at 925-785-2596 or email me at…

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 There are an incredible amount of businesses popping up in the Cannery District! Here is the complete list of businesses that you should go check out. 

Cannery District Address: 113 E. Oak Street, Bozeman, MT

Amelia Anne Photography

Architecture 118

Carney Logan Burke

Casting For Recovery

Charlotte & Co. Real Estate

Classic Skin

Dean's Zesty Booch

Daily Coffee Bar

Element Law Group

Epic Athletics

406 Brewing 

Gear Wizard


Lone Mountain (Gym) 

Lot G Cafe

Miller Architects

On X Maps

Paper and Grace


Pizza Campania

Planet Natural

Proper Insurance

Seven Sushi

Shore to Summit Wealth Management

Sitka Gear

Sparrow Studio

Spruce and Honey - Waxing Parlor


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What questions should you be asking before or during the purchase of a new construction home? 

I've compiled this list to be transparent about the process and that no new construction home is perfect. HOWEVER, please keep in mind that when you work with a Realtor that has sold new construction homes, I would be the point person to ensure that all of the below questions are answered and handled to remove any undue stress from a buyer's plate. 

  1. Builder Warranty - Does a one year Builder's Warranty come included with the house? What does the warranty include? Have you requested the Builder's Warranty upon putting in an offer? 

  2. Did you receive a specs list for the home? Do you know what finishes are going to be installed prior to putting in an…

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Here are my tips investing in Bozeman! 

1. Do Your Research 
Personally, I like units that have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms configurations. This home size will yield a better home for a family or multiple renters to occupy your unit long term and not grow out of the rental property quickly. 

2. Secure a solid downpayment 
Estimated 20-25% downpayment as the minimum down to secure a loan. (If you have not spoken to a lender, I highly recommend doing so. I can recommend some great local lenders I know provide excellent service.)

3. Choose a low-cost home as your first investment property 
Obviously, the lower the purchase price of the home, the higher your profit margins. Each year, you'll want to ensure you have a reserve account to handle repairs…

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What was my client's experience working with me? 
Marisa Owen - Realtor 
(925) 785-2596
Email: Marisa@BuyBozemanHomes.com
Website: Marisa.BuyBozemanHomes.com

"Marisa Owen with Tamara Williams & Company went above and beyond in helping us to acquire our first rental properties in Bozeman.  From day one, she was attentive, reliable, and understood our needs; providing a great selection of homes to guide us in the right direction.  

Marisa always has useful insight through her experience as a Realtor and landlord. Throughout the entire process, she answered all of our questions and then some and was always one step ahead. I would highly recommend Marisa and the Tamara Williams Company, as they provide a smooth and seamless real estate experience."

- Jim…

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