Every 5 to 6 years, the U.S. Census Bureau provides data on our city, county, jobs, real estate data. Here are some data points from a City of Bozeman report on Demographic and Real Estate Market Assessment published in 2018. Check out the highlights below! 


City of Bozeman Population 

Population Growth projection for the Gallatin County by 2045 is 159,000 people
2017 - Current Population in Gallatin County is 105,000 people

In the next 28 years, Gallatin County is projected to grow at 2,000+ people per year until 2045.

Out of this growth, about half of the growth is likely to occur in the City of Bozeman. 

Land Demand Projections 
For residential, single family dwellings the density standard will be 3.0 units per every 1 acre. This is an…

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In the last few years, the City of Bozeman has reinforced the how, where, what of renting out properties in Bozeman (VRBOs and short term rentals). There are numerous factors to consider (i.e. location, zoning, etc, etc) beyond this list, but this is to kick off the basics when shopping for a property that has investment opportunity. Specifically, this blog is looking at "a main house and ADU" as a rental property. 

  • Property Type: Main House and ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) 
  • Where: Located in city limits of Bozeman 
  • What: Review both HOA covenants and bylaws (or possible Property Management Company to verify) AND review the city of Bozeman ordinances for specific restriction language
  • Restrictions: The City of Bozeman has restrictions on…

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